About Tania

Tania Maria Raffelsberger is a graduate from the University of Delaware, where she obtained her Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. She also holds a Master of Science in International Marketing Management from Boston University and currently works as a Senior Business Analyst in underwriting metrics and strategy. Tania always had a creative interest, and even in the corporate world, she found herself taking photography classes in her free time with the Academy of Art University as well as designing newsletters and posters for her financial services department. She realized that photography was her passion and decided to launch her portfolio website in September of 2010.

Tania realized her true love for photography when she enrolled in a National Geographic photography workshop in Tuscany, Italy in 2007, where she explored Italy and was taught by famed National Geographic photographer, Joe McNally. She was so inspired by the beautiful Tuscan landscapes and charismatic people she photographed that she realized her true passion was traveling and photographing the world.

Tania has a very bubbly personality and puts her heart into all the work that she does. She states: "Photography has changed my life. When burdened by the stressful corporate world, all I needed to do was pick up my camera and shoot, and the world was right again. My goal is to show the world that there is beauty in everything. Sometimes it takes 1,000 shots, but when you finally get that incredible angle and lighting, you know - this is The One. Nothing makes me happier than to photograph someone and to bring out their best features. Photographing a client is about bringing out their soul. The world is in such a rush that few people pause to look at the beauty that surrounds us. It makes me feel good to show the world what they are missing." 

Tania Maria Photography 2015