About Me

Welcome! In case you have stumbled here and are wondering who I am, I thought I'd give you the basics. Feel free to send me a message through my portfolio website, or connect with me through any of my social media links if you're curious and would like to know more. 


New Yorker at Heart

Just typing "NY" makes me miss it! I was born in the Buffalo area (yes, I know, a lot of snow) and only lived there for 3 years, when my parents moved to Connecticut for my father's job. I couldn't be more grateful for being raised in such a beautiful and charming New England state… I loved living in Connecticut, with our house nestled in the woods and watching the foliage change with the seasons… During my time there, I often visited Manhattan and just fell in love with the city! It is by far my favorite city in the world (so far)… A perfect combination of class, impeccable food, prominent art districts, culture, professionalism, and, yes, fast-paced craziness. But, I never feel quite as alive as when I am in that city. I try to go back to visit once a year. Currently, I reside in sunny Florida, a bit north of Orlando and comfortably far away from the Disney tourist area. I moved here almost 3 years ago, seeking a change, also because my mother retired down here, and my job offered to transfer me to Orlando and just so happened to have an office a few hours from her retirement community. It seemed like it was meant to be. Moving here has been an adventure and a decision I do not regret, but Florida has never quite felt like home to me, especially around the holidays.  


German, Italian, Polish, American, and Pale

When I mention living in Florida, please don't confuse that with bronzed (even if I tried, it would be more like pink). I spend most of my week inside working on one of my devices, either editing photos, maintaining my website, procrastinating on social media, or those 40+ hours where I'm compiling data as a metrics business analyst. Usually my weekdays involve fairly long work hours and a lot of caffeine (I can't function in the morning without my two cups of coffee); weekends involve relaxation when possible and catching up on sleep and other necessary tasks. I credit the fair skin to my German side. Recently, I was beyond excited to obtain my first German passport (Reisepasse) by birth to a German national, my father, who was born and raised in Stuttgart. So I am both a German and American citizen by birth. I grew up traveling often and have been to Europe many times. Traveling to new places and digitally capturing the experience via photography is my passion in life. And my mother is Italian and Polish, which leads me to my love affair with...


FOOD (and wine)

While I am on the small side, I am NOT one of those girls who will go out to eat and order a salad minus the croutons with dressing on the side… I will order a steak with the big boys! I manage to stay active enough where I can eat what I want and, well, minimize the soft spots. Food to me is such an important part of enjoying life and an integral part of my day! I was raised to eat everything, and there is absolutely nothing that I will not try. I love all kinds of food, from Indian, to Thai, to Austrian, to my very favorite… SUSHI. In the recent year, I signed up for both Plated and Blue Apron (I absolutely LOVE both of those services - couldn't live without them!) and began experimenting with cooking for myself. While I have always loved going out to eat, now, I can almost admit to loving cooking my own meals just as much! Food to me has become another art form, I love creating both delicious and aesthetically appealing plates of food, and, yes, I bake too! And, of course, I LOVE to unwind at the end of my day with a nice glass of wine. I work hard, and I like to enjoy the finer things in life… It's all about finding the perfect balance - fresh food, a nice bottle of wine, and hard work and activity actually leads to a healthier, happier, and slimmer life!


Art, Music, and Apple

I'm the complete Apple fan girl (except I do not wear turtlenecks, not even in CT). I've owned every iPhone besides 2 generations, and couldn't be more in love with my gold iPhone 6+, iPad, Macbook Pro, Apple TV, and cinema display. As a computer science undergraduate with a creative side, Steve Jobs was a huge inspiration to me. I credit part of the reason I began experimenting with photography to Steve Jobs and my first Macbook Pro, which made editing photos a seamless and beautiful experience. I have always been somewhat creative, and I think my creativity stems from varied emotional aspects of my life. Creating art or writing versus talking about my feelings is my optimal means of expression, as it turns something that may seem negative into something beautifully expressive. It's also wonderful for stress relief after a hectic day! And, music, I could not live without it. I fell in love with dancing when I was five, and my family had to suffer through impromptu and overly energetic performances to Little Richard's Tutti Frutti at the kitchen table… with cartwheels... As I got older, I played both flute and piccolo throughout my entire childhood, along with some dance classes, until graduating high school. Just recently, I attempted practicing flute again, hoping to retain all that I learned. It is slowly coming back to me, but my trills need work. I also own an electric guitar and hope to teach myself to play that as well, if I can ever find the time. Spotify is probably my other greatest love… whether I'm working, editing photos, cooking, or simply dressing for work, I love to listen to all kinds of music depending on my mood, and of course, live music when possible.


Book Lover and Professional Nerd

I'm not much of a TV person, besides my recent obsession with ABC's Nashville. I have seen every single episode and know the words to all the songs… On weekends, I do love to unwind with a bottle of wine and my Apple TV to rent a movie or two. Did I mention how well chardonnay goes with popcorn? I have no idea how I did not discover this until recently! If you haven't already figured it out, I'm kind of a nerd. I grew up playing on computers as a kid (my dad was an engineer), and I went to the University of Delaware, obtaining my B.S. in Computer Science, shortly thereafter, obtaining my M.S. in International Marketing Management. I love reading and buy more books than I can keep up with. I am always up for learning new things. After college, I took quite a few photography classes and attended workshops in NY and even Tuscany (one of the best experiences of my life). I think education should be lifelong, whether we learn from others, read, or teach ourselves via the many resources on the web. Of course, traveling and exposing myself to new places and cultures is my learning experience of choice...


And, with that, I will leave you to have a glass of chardonnay and some popcorn (if you're feeling fancy, add some coconut lime sea salt, another recent discovery). Hopefully, this helped paint a clearer picture of who I am, and you can find more of my story and musings here on my blog, which I truly hope you enjoy visiting. Salut! Prost! And, cheers!