Style and Services

Tania's style has been described as non-traditional, edgy, alternative, and funky. She enjoys portraits, landscapes, still life, and food photography. She is far from the traditional wedding photographer. She started out by learning film photography, but she now shoots digital, because she views the entire digital editing process as an art form. Tania may shoot 1,000 photos, but she will select only a few that meet her standards. She spends significant time on each photo, making sure the colors, features, and angles are highlighted to perfection. She loves vivid color, and while at times she feels a subject calls for a natural look, there are times she chooses to bring out vibrant color in her work. 

While thankful for all of her former clients, Tania has decided to pursue fine art, travel, and stock photography and no longer offers her photographic services to the public, however, she wishes to share her art by means of this space on the web along with her new blog. She is excited to take her photography in a new challenging direction, seeking beauty all over the world, without the constraints of specific client packaging and posing. 

Tania has also chosen to expand her portfolio to other art forms. In recent years, she has dabbled in drawing, graphic design, jewelry making, and acrylic painting and plans to make this a home for all her creations, whatever the form may be.  

Tania Maria Photography 2015